Monthly Meal Plan Inspiration - April 2019

It’s spring (don’t look at the weather forecast, Minnesota) and I’m excited to share some recipes and food prep life hacks with you! Here’s my top 5 meal planning inspirations for this month - enjoy!

  1. Family food prep on the weekends - my kids help me make zucchini pumpkin muffins (I switch out coconut sugar for conventional sugar - partly because I think it’s healthier, partly because I accidentally keep buying it at Trader Joe’s). My husband grills/smokes some meat and we have so much delicious food ready for Sunday and the week!

  2. Rotisserie Chicken - we buy a whole chicken and cook it in the Instant Pot using this recipe. Then, we save the broth in mason jars for future recipes that call for chicken stock!

  3. Almond flour chicken nuggets - a true staple in our house. These are pretty easy to make - I don’t have a recipe saved because I’ve done it so many times. Mix almond flour with dried herbs and salt. Dip pieces of chicken in egg then almond herb blend, and cook in oil on a skillet. These are so yummy and still really nutritious.

  4. Pioneer Woman’s Cobb Salad - this makes a beautiful, big, salad and the flavors are all so good! So beautiful to bring to Easter dinner too.

  5. Charceuterie Meal - this idea comes from a dear friend of mine! This is a great one for Sunday evenings when everyone is taking it easy, but still has a hankering for something good. Assorted cheeses and meats, nuts, carrots and hummus, fruit, and crackers, and everyone is gathered around the table to enjoy each other’s company before another week starts. What a beautiful way to end a weekend!

    Have you discovered any recipes or meal prep hacks that have inspired you? Share below in the comments!