Dean & Amelia Turn One

Today is my sweet Dean and Mia’s first birthday. Over the weekend, we hosted the sweetest birthday bash. The theme was a lyric from a song: “If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee.” I heard the song back in December, and I instantly knew that was our theme. Dean and Mia are each lovely individuals that go together so well. Dean is sweeter than honey and the MOST lovable, snuggly boy. Mia’s beauty is beyond a flower and certainly has a wild side that comes out more as she grows. It’s been incredible to witness the twin bond. I’m going to spare all my sappy words from this post for personal letters to each of my babies, because if I start on here I won’t ever stop! But I am really excited to share some photos from their first birthday, as well as from a mini photo session I did for them today on their birthday. It was laugh out loud funny to try to get two busy babies to look at me for photos. I absolutely love the beautiful, comic chaos that shines in the images. Enjoy, and be sure to snuggle your babies extra today, they grow up too fast!